Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Zodiac was a Soviet Latvian Electronic synthpop band from Riga, Latvia. Founded in 1979 and led by keyboardist and composer Juris Kulakovs they were titled Arka (The Arch). In the very same year, while recording their first album, Juris left the band because of musical disagreement with all the rest of members. Keyboardist and composer Janis Lusens took the leadership. In 1980 the band were renamed to Zodiac.

Zodiac's music is a dreamy voyage through a unpretentious space disco. Charming chunky unironic sleeze,
with psychedelic undertones..

I have the first 2 releases.

The first Zodiac release sold 20 million copies.. WHOA!

Zodiac - Disco Alliance - 1980 - USSR

Get that here:


Zodiac - Music In The Universe - 1981 - USSR

Get that here:


Enjoy you will

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Anonymous said...

thanx for the post!

Rommel said...

Thanks a lot for these lp's!
(and for my blog link too).
Cheers from Ukraine!