Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Androgyny is always hot!

Ronny is some synthy lady, with lots of breathy moments, and seductive sleeze beats.

Ronny used to be a Top French Model. Ronny was brought up in the grim Northern industrial area of France and left home at 14 to go to Paris, there lying about her age and doing terrible jobs. Took dancin classes and jobs then stopped everything and started to write songs. Club entrepreneur Rusty Egan met Ronny in the Paris club Privelege and co-produced with Midge Ure her best release, Vangelis, Georg Kajanus and Peter Godwin also produced for her. Ronny, a masculine name, is the blitz girl who loved to dress up as a boy and also appear on the Ultravox 'Station' record sleeve.

If you are not familiar with this chanteuse, now is the time, because I have the best of her 3 releases.

Compare Me With The Rest - 1981 - U.K.

If You Want Me To Stay - 1981 - U.K.

To Have And Have Not - 1982 - U.K.

Move over Amanda.. Ronny is REAL!

Get them all here:


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Anonymous said...

great voice! thanks!

Michael said...

Thank you for this but could you upload this again as I never got to hear the first single.

Thank you so much