Wednesday, August 27, 2008

System 56

System 56 hails from Cleveland, Ohio. This practically unheard of early 80's radio band put out some great Synth pop Wave, that can be quite dark.

This was sent to me in the 80's by one of my many "New Wave Penpals" (remember those)..

Metro-Metro / In The Old World 7" - 1982


Beyond the Parade Lp - 1982

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marek Biliński

Marek is the most famous Polish electronic composer out there..

Awarded first prize for the most popular multi-instrumentalist for five consecutive years (1981 - 1985).

You owe it to your self to hear this virtuoso pump out some epic-y, space-y, synthonic Disco..

Marek Biliński - E≠mc2 Lp - 1984 - Poland

Get that here:

E=MC2 Pt1

E=MC2 Pt2

Check out this Video madness...

Marek Biliński - Ucieczka z tropiku (Escape from Tropics)

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Monday, August 18, 2008


Hilary Blake if your Wavey!

When Hil released this synth pop gem in the early 80's, it was definitely overlooked!

Produced by the legendary Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys) this record is definitely one of the shiniest gems of the era.

Sadly Hilary passed away August 2007.

If you were an avid WLIR listener in the eighties you will recognize two of these tunes as screamers of the week..

Now go light a candle, and place it on your favorite synth, and wish Hilary eternal peace...

If any one has Hilary's 'Just Before After Hours' disco LP.. PLEASEEEEE... I'd love to hear it!!


Hilary - Kinetic EP - 1983 - US

Drop your pants here:



Hilary - Kinetic

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rhoda Vs Vivien

Rhoda Dakar and Vivien Goldman...

Two very infectious ladies who put out two of the wacky yet intelligent singles ever!

Here are two more 7" for your collection, these songs will never leave your brain..

Rhoda Dakar was a influential voice of the early Ska scene. A member of the legendary all girl Ska group The Bodysnatchers, and a integral part of The Special A.K.A.

Vivien Goldman was a music journalist, and she started to record when "PiL snuck her into the Manor (studios)" during the Flowers Of Romance sessions in late 1980, with PiL also reportedly paying for most of the recording costs. It seems this is how Lydon earned his co-producer credit.

Rhoda Dakar With Special A.K.A. - The Boiler 7" - 1982 - UK

The most charming Ska song about rape. Any song that includes the running of mascara, and stinking like piss is a MUST.


Vivien Goldman - Dirty Washing 7" - 1981 - UK

This dubtacular sweet track will resonate in your head EVERYTIME you do the laundry.

Get them both here:


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 x 7" & A Twelve

Come and get it!!

I was sneezing hard rummaging through moldy, dusty, delicious vinyl.

I have these 4 obscurities for you to enjoy.

You all seem to eat up anything 7" & 12".

So I'm here to feed your needs...

Starting with:

EMAK - Sunken Galleons And Pirate Pictures 7" - 1986 - Germany

EMAK is an abbreviation of "Elektronische Musik aus Köln". Amazing early electro and Jitter wave..


Ki Di Mi - Mother is 7" - 1981 - USA

Its like listening to a kooky SoHo socialite on crack using Alan Vega's studio..
Its that good!!


Pascal Comelade - Ready-Made 7" - 1980 - France

Here is the ULTRA rare French Gem that has the early signs of IDM.. I think my 7" is a bootleg, cause it not numbered nor signed... Damn.. Still a rare bizzarre masterpiece.

& last..

Profil - Berühren 12" - 1981 - Germany

Here is some Nervo Synth Wave that may border on brilliance or just bad.. I like, you probably will too..

Get them all here:


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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trek With Quintronic

Trek (Paul Wilcox) and Quintronic (David Kane) released two amazing Dark Wave/Minimal Wave LP’s together.

This Pennsylvania duo's synthesized glam-rock revolves around the singer's impressive ability to mimic Ziggy-era Bowie vocal mannerisms.

Lovely melodic synth nugget that you need to get!

Get them Both here...

Landing - 1980 - US

Get that here:



Trek W/ Quintronic - 1981 - US

Get that here:


Hope you like these treats

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Howard Devoto

Howard Devoto was there when the Sex Pistols first performed, and the rest is history..

Later Devoto helped formed Buzzcocks, Luxuria, Magazine..

In 1983 Devoto released a lovely synth pop album, that surprised us all...

Very moody, atmospheric, and lush, this classic synth nugget is essential for the Chardonnay synth fans.

Howard Devoto - Jerky Versions Of The Dream Lp - 1983 - UK

Get it here:



Howard Devoto - Rainy Season

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

(The) Screamers

Screamers were a punk rock group active in the Los Angeles, California area in the late 1970s.

Fronted by the openly gay Tomata du Plenty, Screamers influenced most of the west coast punk bands of that era. More synth driven than any other "punk" bands, Screamers have a unique aggro sound of their own. Officially the pioneers of a genre now known as synthpunk.

Du Plenty (born David Xavier Harrigan in 1948, died 2000), a veteran of the theatrical drag troupes The Cockettes and Ze Whiz Kidz, first collaborated with the Screamers' principal songwriter Tommy Gear (then using the name "Melba Toast") in Seattle in 1975, as The Tupperwares. The lineup of the Tupperwares included Gear, Du Plenty, and Rio de Janeiro on vocals, backed by Pam Lillig and Ben Rabinowitz (later of The Girls), as well as Bill Rieflin (later of The Blackouts and Ministry) and a teenage Eldon Hoke (later known as "El Duce" of The Mentors).

Though they developed a substantial following and generated considerable press coverage, the Screamers never released a record.

Here is a compiled bootleg of demos.

DEMOS 1977-78

Get that here:


All tracks recorded "live" in one session in Summer 1978.
Produced By Geza X, recorded on a 4-track. The ideal intro to the Screamers. A high pitched whine is audible, but does not distract from overall good sound quality. A valid complaint, though, is the splitting of "122 Hours of Fear" in half over the seam of both sides of the record.

Check out this awesome performance..

The Screamers - Eva Braun - Live in the Studio

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

V/A - Household Shocks

First off I want to thank Junior in Japan for sending me this gem.. Thanks buddy!!

I have never heard of this comp, but it sure is good..

Chock full of New Wave, Minimal, and synth nuggets.

V/A - Household Shocks Lp - 1980 - UK

Get that here:


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Friday, August 1, 2008

Denis & Denis

A cult mid 80's Croatian synthpop duo, in the most successful years comprised of the mastermind Davor Tolja and the vocalist Marina Perazić.
After the second album, Ja Sam Lažljiva, Marina quit to pursue a solo career and was replaced by someone else..

I feel that any synth pop sung in a foreign language is always charming. D&D deliver fluffy rich 80's formulaic synth that will bore you to death, and captivate your electronic senses..

Denis & Denis - Cuvaj Se ! Lp - 1984 - Yugoslavia

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