Monday, August 18, 2008


Hilary Blake if your Wavey!

When Hil released this synth pop gem in the early 80's, it was definitely overlooked!

Produced by the legendary Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys) this record is definitely one of the shiniest gems of the era.

Sadly Hilary passed away August 2007.

If you were an avid WLIR listener in the eighties you will recognize two of these tunes as screamers of the week..

Now go light a candle, and place it on your favorite synth, and wish Hilary eternal peace...

If any one has Hilary's 'Just Before After Hours' disco LP.. PLEASEEEEE... I'd love to hear it!!


Hilary - Kinetic EP - 1983 - US

Drop your pants here:



Hilary - Kinetic

Hope you like

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MEL107 said...

love this.

john said...

who knew hilary died. thanks for posting. too bad the download is no longer active as i would love to have a copy. i did own the vinyl version until a few years ago......alas

Fantasmi said...

The link works!!

Superbizzee said...

Hilary - Just Before After Hours
(courtesy of Myjazzworld):

Fantasmi said...

WOW Superbizzee THANXXX!!!

Anonymous said...

link is dead