Tuesday, August 5, 2008

(The) Screamers

Screamers were a punk rock group active in the Los Angeles, California area in the late 1970s.

Fronted by the openly gay Tomata du Plenty, Screamers influenced most of the west coast punk bands of that era. More synth driven than any other "punk" bands, Screamers have a unique aggro sound of their own. Officially the pioneers of a genre now known as synthpunk.

Du Plenty (born David Xavier Harrigan in 1948, died 2000), a veteran of the theatrical drag troupes The Cockettes and Ze Whiz Kidz, first collaborated with the Screamers' principal songwriter Tommy Gear (then using the name "Melba Toast") in Seattle in 1975, as The Tupperwares. The lineup of the Tupperwares included Gear, Du Plenty, and Rio de Janeiro on vocals, backed by Pam Lillig and Ben Rabinowitz (later of The Girls), as well as Bill Rieflin (later of The Blackouts and Ministry) and a teenage Eldon Hoke (later known as "El Duce" of The Mentors).

Though they developed a substantial following and generated considerable press coverage, the Screamers never released a record.

Here is a compiled bootleg of demos.

DEMOS 1977-78

Get that here:


All tracks recorded "live" in one session in Summer 1978.
Produced By Geza X, recorded on a 4-track. The ideal intro to the Screamers. A high pitched whine is audible, but does not distract from overall good sound quality. A valid complaint, though, is the splitting of "122 Hours of Fear" in half over the seam of both sides of the record.

Check out this awesome performance..

The Screamers - Eva Braun - Live in the Studio

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