Monday, September 29, 2008


You all seem to EAT up all the 12" & 7" I post, so here you go...

Some more D'lectronic mayhem & Disco synthesis..

First we have a raging Italo 12"

Sleeze out to this electronic voyage...

Time - Shaker Shake 12" - 1983 - Italy


We also have a Electronic No Wave gem with -


Just like their ground breaking peers ESG, Anomy are the electronic equivalent. What better than chix from the Bronx bumping out No Wavey beats? I dunno???

Anomy - TVC-15 / Lone Wolf 7" - 1981 - US


I got here a Kitchy Gothy electro Gem..

Pleasure and the Beast

this Canadian trio/Quartet, had a great dancefloor jam with Dr Sex. It will be one of your all time fav's..

Pleasure and the Beast - Dr Sex 12" - 1984 Canada

& last..

I have this lil ole 7" from Germany, filled with aggression, electronics and a scratchy guitar.

The New Age - 2525/Electric Girl 7" - 1980 - Germany

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Monday, September 22, 2008


Dramatis was essentially the backup band for Gary Numan in the late 70's, early 80's. Gary Numan appears only on the track "Love Needs No Disguise"...
This masterpiece of kitch synth has a little of everything — mock symphonics, electro-disco, to mainstream pop rock.

An enjoyable listen, it will leave you chuckling with delight!

Dramatis - For Future Reference Lp - 1981 - UK

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Check out a vid!

Gary Numan and Dramatis - Love needs no disguise

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Landscape began to experiment with computer programmed music and electronic drums in the late 1970s making records in the emerging genres of electronic dance music and synthpop. This Britishish electro/pop/jazz band from London led by Richard Burgess, producer of Visage, King and Spandau Ballet and onetime soft-rocker (as a member of Easy Street).. After the release of their 3rd LP, Landscape became a trio and recorded under the name Landscape III.

The sound is high-tech synth, with a touch of slick and polished Disco. Perfect for sophisticated dance parties, but the songs retain a lyrical cleverness that prevents total bland-out. Not quite an '80s version of 10cc, Landscape played rhythmic rock, but with a heavy dose of jazzy fusion.

Landscape - From the Tea-rooms of Mars...To the Hell-holes of Uranus Lp - 1980 - UK

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Ccccheck out the vids!

Landscape - My Name Is Norman Bates


Landscape - Einstein A Go Go

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Att Som

I recently found this Swedish No Wave / New Wave gem by trolling the newsgroups searching for obscurities...

I couldn't find much info on this Swedish delight except that Hans Thunberg of Elegi produced this album.

The sound is deep and dark at times, then moments of jittery abstract wave come through the mix.

A great find!!

Att Som - Unter Den Linden Lp - 1982 - Sweden

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Easy Going

Easy Going were an Italian disco group named after a famous club in Rome. Their first hit, "Baby I Love You" (1978), was produced by Giancarlo Meo and arranged by Claudio Simonetti, both of whom went on to become major names in the Hi-NRG and Italo Disco scene.

These are some smooth spacey, Italo Disco jams, that is sure to please your need for sleeze..

Come snatch these Italo nuggets here...

Easy Going - Easy Going Lp -1978 - Italy

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Easy Going - Fear Lp -1979 - Italy

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& last..

Easy Going - Fear 12" - 1980 - Italy

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