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Didier Marouani

Didier Marouani (born in 1952 in Monaco) is a French composer and musician of Algerian descent. He is one of the pioneers in the Electronic music genre.

Didier started his career as pop singer under the pseudonym ECAMA, which released the hit single "Magic Fly". Later he participated in such well-known bands as Space and Paris-France-Transit. He sold over 12 millions records all over the world.
Throughout the 1980s, Didier Marouani & SPACE gained quite a large popularity in France and many European socialist republics (such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Soviet Union).

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Didier Marouani - Temps X 7" -1979 - France


Didier Marouani - Space Opera Lp - 1987 - France

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Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit Lp - 1982

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Didier Marouani - Space Opera

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Frank Chickens

The two Japanese women (Kazuko Hohki, Kazumi Taguchi) who comprise Frank Chickens are both proud of and amused by musically mixing synth-pop (created in the main by the English writing/production team of Steve Beresford and David Toop) with funk and jazz, the Chickens also incorporate Japanese musical traditions.

Very entertaining.

Always in danger of being viewed strictly as a novelty act, Frank Chickens manage to avoid such trappings by remaining uniquely bizarre.

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Frank Chickens - We are Frank Chickens Lp - 1984

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