Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 chunx of Vinyl

Photo courtesy of my lovely buddy KC... Why'd she move to LA?

So here we got's 3X7 inchers and 2x 12'ers.

Just the way you like it.. big and raw!

First we start with..

Gleitzeit - Ich Komme Aus Der DDR 7"- 1982 - Germany

Taken from the movie Nuclearvision. A Kraftywerky robo jam. I found this at Flamingo Plaza thrift stores in Miami.. Lotsa treasures can be found there..


Car Crash Set - Two Songs 12" - 1983 - New Zealand

A bouncy synth gem from the other down under..


Do-Po - Rhythm / Oxidization 7" - 1981 - Italy

I paid ALOT for this years ago... A overprogrammed manic electro-synth masterpiese! It's got every trick in the book.


Days Of Sorrow - Remembering The Days 12" - 1984 - Germany

Check out this Gothic synth obscurity.. Sounds like Xymox..


Ti-Tho - Traumtänzer 7" - 1982 - Germany

Last check out this duo from the Hamburg New Scene, bandname Ti-Tho formed by the member names Christina & Thomas.. Its crazy bitch synth wave!..

Get them all here:


Hope you like..

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Age of Chance

Such an exciting time 1986-87 was. Lots of spandex, lots of make-up... Lots of noise!!!

Big bad noise!!

Age of Chance! Cycling gear as a fashion statement!

Pumping out punk rap metal hip-hop industrial beat to sheer perfection..

Kissed by The Designers Republic provide an ultra-strong graphic identity to the band's record sleeves.

I saw them play here in NYC at the infamous Ritz, for a 25 minute set not even an encore.. Verry balsy.. verry BRITISH.. VERRY I-d..

Here u go yo!


“If you don’t like to dance, you don’t like to live”…

Age of Chance - The Twilight World of Sonic Disco LP - 1986 - UK

Get that here:



Age Of Chance - Crush Collision LP - 1986 - UK

Get that here:



Age of Chance - One Thousand Years of Trouble Lp - 1987 - UK

Get that here:


Check out a Vid!

Age of Chance - Who's afraid of the big bad noise

Love it!!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disco Dream And The Androids

Hello everyone!

I been out of commission for a while, but glad to be back.

Happy new year!


Disco Dream And The Androids

Check out this rare Sleezy gem.

Bob Calvert(of the original Hawkwind) wrote the complete lyrics for two tracks as well as contributing to the entire concept and is the lead vocalist on the song Connection Disconnection.

Deep sleazy disco robotic jams that you will cherish and laugh at...

Disco Dream And The Androids - The Androids - 1979 - UK

Get that here:


Hope you like

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy


Real post coming soon..

In the meantime, view this: