Saturday, May 9, 2009



Ledernacken were early pioneers to blend elements of Rock, Industrial and Dancefloor, with some African Ethno to it.

Intelligently goofy, and pleasantly twisted.

Limited to 3000, each cover had its own art splash.. I have 504..Jealous? I didn't think so.


Ledernacken - Double Album Lp - 1985 - UK

Klank that here:


Look at this old Rock Pool chart.. oooh those days..

Check this out..

LEDERNACKEN Drums of Matumba

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Friday, May 8, 2009

3 Freggin' 12"

You eat these up!

So here you go!

Hard Corps - Lucky Charm 12" - 1987 - UK

Breathy Nu Beat madness, Synth Pop tart jams for your obscure secret weapons session!


Land Of Giants - Cannibal Dolls / Seven Men 12" - 1982 - Canada

Sweet Synth Wave obscureness.. A Flexi CLASSIC!


Stylóo - Pretty Face (Re-Edit) 12" - 1987 - Italy

A super Sleezy Italo jam sure to offend and attract someone on Bedford Ave!

Get them ALL here:


Oh Look!

Hard Corps - Lucky Charm

Shut up!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peter Baumann

Remember him?

Well you can here and here..

Ex-Tangerine Dream super tronic producer.

During the 1980s, he founded a record label, Private Music, specializing in instrumental music in a style popularly referred to as New Age. Artists signed to the label included Yanni, Patrick O'Hearn, Jerry Goodman, Suzanne Ciani, and former bandmates Tangerine Dream. The label was eventually sold to Windham Hill Records' parent company, BMG, who continue to distribute some of the back catalogue of its more successful artists. Baumann has since kept a low profile from the music business. YAWN!

Come check out this Synth pop post Disco Prog gem.

The result is an haunted, mysterious travel through an unknown synthscape..

Peter Baumann - Repeat Repeat CD - 1981/1990 - Germany

Get that here:


Not from this album, but worth checking out..

Strangers in the Night

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

16 Bit

These are some early steps of 3 people from Frankfurt/Germany who some years later will be considered as tremendous influence for the German Dance Scene. Luca Anzilotti & Michael Münzing will collect platinum records as the Producers behind Snap! And Sven Väth, as we all know, becomes Germany's DJ Guru..

Extreme Nu Beat sound, the precursor to German trance? Yaa..

You decide!

16 Bit - Inaxycvgtgb CD - 1987 - Germany

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Alex Cima

Cuban born Alex Cima has some resume, from electronic Disco Space Rock composer to scoring commercial jingles..

I got this off eBay a couple of years ago, for like 15 bux!
Here it is for you..

Alex Cima - Cosmic Connection LP - 1979 - Germany

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Michael Sembello

Would you like some Chardonnay with your synth?

You know who he is..
I don't know why I chose to post this...

Lets not mention that song!

Michael Sembello was born in Philadelphia in 1954. A talented songwriter, guitar player and vocalist, he started his career joining Stevie Wonder's band in the first seventies. Later on a became a well known session player for the likes of Sergio mendes, the Jackson 5, Stephen Bishop, Randy Crawford, David Sanborn and many others.

So hop on your electronic Yacht, and and whip out the Vienna sausages, cause Sembello turned out the electro jams that mom would have approved.


Michael Sembello - Bossa Nova Hotel Lp - 1983 - US

Get that here:



Michael Sembello - Without Walls Lp - 1986 - US

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Love it!

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Cee Farrow

More neglected gems from that vinyl section that wasn't.. which now is..

Here is the debut album from this former model turned new wave pop star, who scored big in the dance clubs..

Slick cheeze!

Cee Farrow -Red & Blue Lp - 1983 - US

Get that here:


Check the cheeze..

Cee Farrow - Should I Love You.

You like?

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Friday, May 1, 2009

1. Futurologischer Congress

The name "First Futurologischer Congress" is the title of a book by the celebrated science Fiction writer Stanislaw Lem (author of such works as "Solaris") whom the band were lucky enough to meet during his residence in Berlin.

"There are musical parallels with the Human League, Simple Minds, OMD, neo funk and new romanticism with nods to Wire and Pere Ubu from the constant use of electronics. Lyricially the direction lies somewhere between early Fehlfarben, Abwärts and DAF veering towards Ideal...what emerges is outstandingly produced pop music, And not for the 1st FC well travelled road to damnation in the manner of Einstürzende Neubauten," Musikexpress 8/´82

1. Futurologischer Congress - Schützt Die Verliebten - Lp - 1982 - Germany

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