Saturday, May 9, 2009



Ledernacken were early pioneers to blend elements of Rock, Industrial and Dancefloor, with some African Ethno to it.

Intelligently goofy, and pleasantly twisted.

Limited to 3000, each cover had its own art splash.. I have 504..Jealous? I didn't think so.


Ledernacken - Double Album Lp - 1985 - UK

Klank that here:


Look at this old Rock Pool chart.. oooh those days..

Check this out..

LEDERNACKEN Drums of Matumba

Hope you like

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david said...

author to become a reliable indeed difficult, but I already see that you are very powerful in a any posts

Anonymous said...

Mayhaps you are the one to ask. I am looking to hear one of the tapes that was put out by the band" Incubated sounds." Is like new/oldschool ebm. They only put out heir full releases onto cassettes on a now defunct label. I have only been able to find a few tracks offa some comps. But, they did release like three full tpes, I think. Is about as hard to find a copy of a full relase of' Tank of Danzig." Thank-you... MAybe still too, you could find a copy of the friz be and put it up too? :)

Kolyan said...

Hello, i had upload Ledernacken's 12" with "Ich will dich essen", if you're interest in it

Anonymous said...

Yeah I used to posess this double album limited edition and handsigned.
Got it stolen in the UK, Liverpool 1989 with a lot of other limited edition cd´s.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this. I was also once a proud owner of this album, but it got lost somehow. Great rip!!!
Cheers Canuto