Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cee Farrow

More neglected gems from that vinyl section that wasn't.. which now is..

Here is the debut album from this former model turned new wave pop star, who scored big in the dance clubs..

Slick cheeze!

Cee Farrow -Red & Blue Lp - 1983 - US

Get that here:


Check the cheeze..

Cee Farrow - Should I Love You.

You like?

Clap Clap


anthony said...

Hello, this is a fantastic album! thanks a lot for posting it, a rare excellent find,
Best regards from Australia

Anonymous said...

"Should I Love You" was a KROQ FM classic here in Los Angeles, CA in 1983. Thank you for posting a long forgotten piece of new wave classic. RIP Cee Farrow...

vincent the soul chef said...

I used to have this... picked it up in a dollar bin, but sadly I lost it... thanks for helping to bring the memories of my misspent childhood back :)

Peace and blessings.