Friday, August 28, 2009

Space Project

Lasergun Space Disco!

Not too much info on this recently purchased Disco nugget..

The masterminds behind this record are Canadian producers/musicians Dominic Sciscente and Michel Daigle from Black Light Orchestra, who, when not hustling their way through space, had a hit song with Touch Me, Take Me.

Part MECO, part Cerrone and all amazingly ridiculous!

Space Project - Disco From Another Galaxy Lp - 1978 - US

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Space Project - Conquest of the Stars (1978)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

ADN' Ckrystall

I recently got these synth nuggets for way tooo much $$!

In the year 1977,a new electronic music formation was born:ADN' ckrystall.Together with Vangelis and Tim Blake, mastermind érick Moncollin was jamming in the summer that year, playing a prototyp of the legendary Korg ms-20.After studies of music and sound at shool art in Toulouse(France)he started in '78 to play live in smaller clubs and on events, together with a parrallel member of the group GonG, he continued his musical experiments. In 1982, the first vinyl album was released "jazz'mad" (actually cheer with tracks 'cocaina vitamina-Haschisch-TamTam samba' In 1984, the famous 'IN-Edit'7"ep including the underground hit 'Deutsch Napalm' was released (actually at 230 euros !!!! on e-bay ? and jazz'mad at 90eur. I REALLY HALLUCINE !!!) In '87 a flexi disc in art'mag was released 'Museum ep'. end '85 to '88 ADN was a real band ( see Kernkrach 7"16, with 2 tracks from 1985, and "the lost tapes"'comp/06 on minimal wave for '86 track under ADN'la catastrophe'name), a very ltd tape follows in '91 "la couleur du vent" and in 2005 ADN new lp was good welcome ! Actually ADN works on futur mini'tour live'dates ( ready for mars 2008), finish to masterizzzze a special "25 years anniversary album" with only my old analog material, so crazy & cool, hahaha!(ANNA LOGUE Recordings anna013-2007) and ADN is open to welcome' propose (live'date,festivals, clubbs,foodings, harems, peep-shows & so on ..... WE ALL ARE MADE OF ADN' CKRYSTALL - MYSPACE

ADN' Ckrystall - Jazz' Mad LP - 1982/2005 - France/US


ADN' Ckrystall - In-Edit 7" - 1984 - France

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Check this out..

ADN'Ckrystal - Live @ Kernkrach Festival 2008



Frederic Mirage

Melodic synth music somewhat similar to Space and Jean-Michel Jarre circa 76-78. The back cover says that the music was recorded by Frank Martin-Solf in Hamburg, Germany. However, Frederic Mirage could also be a pseudonym of Bernard Estardy, as some tracks on this album were apparently taken from Universal Energy's album.

Awesome swoohsy Spacey Synth..

Frederic Mirage LP - Atlantic - 1979 - Germany

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Watch & Listen!

Frederic Mirage - Atlantic

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Parade Ground

Parade Ground were pioneers in EBM and Coldwave (hi Craig),the band consisting of Belgian brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly.

In 1983 they released their debut EP Moans on the Sly on the New Dance Label. This began their on-going collaboration with producer Daniel B, a member of the seminal Front 242.

The following year they released Man in a Trance (which I don't have..HELP!!) on Front 242's label Mask including the pulsating track The Net. Continuing with more EPs they released 'Dual Perspective', one side produced by Daniel B, the other side produced by Colin Newman of Wire, then came Strange World 12", title-song that was included on the definitive compilation album This is Electronic Body Music in 1987, giving way to their first full length album, entitled Cut Up (1988), followed by a tour in Germany and Sweden . In 1993 , the brothers wrote and composed the vocals on two Front 242 albums 'Up evil' and 'Off'. Original extreme noise industrial sound without concessions...

Parade Ground - Moan on the Sly 7" - 1983 - Belgium


Parade Ground - Took Advantage 12" - 1985 - Belgium


Parade Ground - Dual Perspective 12" - 1987 - Belgium


Parade Ground - Cut Up Lp - 1988 - Belgium


Parade Ground - Strange World 12" - 1988 - Belgium

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Parade Ground - Moans

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Judy Nylon

Judy Nylon is an American artist who moved to London in the very early 1970s. She was half of the punk act called Snatch, which also featured Patti Palladin. Only those who lived in New York and London during the era that spanned glam and punk are likely to appreciate her importance, most of which isn't preserved in print, vinyl, or CD. In terms of cultural significance, she has been ranked with Patti Smith, The Raincoats, Chrissie Hynde, of The Pretenders, The Slits, Lydia Lunch, Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie & the Banshees and even Nico.
Her Pal Judy record was released in 1982 and has been described as "a classic rainy day bit of sound and song to drift away to"[who?]. It was co-produced by Judy Nylon and Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound and Tackhead.
She is the Judy in Brian Eno's Back In Judy's Jungle[citation needed]. Nylon is responsible for inspiring the Eno version of ambient music[citation needed] (the back cover of his Discreet Music contains his version of how this happened). - Wikipedia®

Judy Nylon & Crucial - Pal Judy Lp - 1982 - UK


Snatch - Snatch (Judy Nylon & Patti Palladin)Lp - 1983 - US

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1974 ENO-JUDY NYLON-China My China-Taking Tiger Mountain

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