Friday, August 28, 2009

Space Project

Lasergun Space Disco!

Not too much info on this recently purchased Disco nugget..

The masterminds behind this record are Canadian producers/musicians Dominic Sciscente and Michel Daigle from Black Light Orchestra, who, when not hustling their way through space, had a hit song with Touch Me, Take Me.

Part MECO, part Cerrone and all amazingly ridiculous!

Space Project - Disco From Another Galaxy Lp - 1978 - US

Get that here:



Space Project - Conquest of the Stars (1978)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful music, I visit your blog every day.

Keep going


mb said...

HI! Just discovered today this WONDERFUL blog. Thank you very much! Marco from Italy

.:J3SS3:. said...

Wow ! I too just discovered your blog while searching for Quebec Disco and I'm in total shock of what I'm discovering here. I'm learning a lot.

Thanks for sharing.

Zambon said...

great album! thanks for posting!

whitepunksondope said...

A great album and strangely given the recent resurgence in all things "cosmic disco" it does not get referenced that often so its great to see it posted!