Friday, September 11, 2009


Deo was a Synth Wave band from Oberhausen Germany. Their album with the same title was released in summer of '81.12 wonderful,fresh,cool and punk-like songs with monotnous vocals,keyboards and strange sound effects.The band counts as an uncommon group from the German new wave period,their music is close to Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle and Fehlfarben.It is a wonderful mixture that makes you dance and dream.This made Deo the most sophisticated punkavantgarde band.Their funny texts and usage were impressive indeed.Their producer was the famous Klaus Schulze from Tangerine Dream and from Innovative Communication ,who is is one of the pioneers of electronic music. -

They made only one album.

Come get this Disco Ragga Synth Wave Punky stew..

Ripped from Cassette!!

Deo - Deo Ct - 1982 - Germany

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gojira said...

Nice!!! I have lots of stuff from innovative communications but not this one. Thank you

goutroy said...

One of my current favorite albums. Thanks for the rip!

M. said...

this is excellent, thanks for sharing it!