Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you 10.000 viewers, all you who took the time out to check things out!


Thank you 5000 visitors who came by and hung out for a while!!!

I really enjoy putting up these nuggets of music we all seem to love.

I really hope you see that my purpose of this blog is not to infringe on some of these artists that may still their catalog available. It really is to expose them once again for the recognition they deserve! Hopefully some great label can pick up or licence these obscure acts. Perhaps as well they can be offered electronically at a much higher bitrate, and these acts can really make some money..

So lets all kickstart this project for our future in which every song that was ever recorded can somehow be accessed!

Thanks again


The Dance

The Dance were a Electric Rock/ New Wave band from the U.K. They put out 2 LPs in the early 80's on the INCREDIBLE Statik Records label. Their sound element has a very funky NY No Wave-y / Calypso drive to it.

Get it while its hot!

The Dance - In Lust LP - 1981 - U.K.

Dance here:




New Wave Complex 2-6








Come and get em'

The kookiest array of pure Minimal, Coldwave, and New Wave that you have ever experienced!!!

I finally came unto the whole freggin 16 volumes..

Here they are for you, in weekly installments.


New Wave Complex Vol. 2



New Wave Complex Vol. 3


Vol 3 Pt1

Vol 3 Pt2

New Wave Complex Vol. 4


Vol 4

New Wave Complex Vol. 5


Vol 5

New Wave Complex Vol. 6


Vol 6 Pt 1

Vol 6 Pt 2

I really hope you enjoy these

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Gabi Delgado

Back in the day Gabi(y) was a key member in the Nu Beat / Industrial / Synth pop duo (trio or sometimes quartet) Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft.

Gabi an immigrant from Spain, met Robert Görl in the late 70's, and they formed DAF.
With his unique breathy vocal style of his own Gabi's debut LP is a fun mixture of Calypso synth rhythms, and chardonnay industrial beats!

I guarantee this "lost in the shuffle Gem" will definitely grow on you after a couple of listenings..

Gabi Delgado - Mistress LP - 1983 - Germany

Get that here:


Hope you like

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Check out Markus, the "Smash Hits" pin up boy of the NDW scene.
A Grauzone-y teen pop synth extravaganza with out the edge..

He still puts out music, so go see the incredible being that is MARKUS.

Come and get it if you must!?

Markus - Kugelblitze und Raketen LP - 1982 - Germany

Get this "Gem" here:


Hope you like

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Gadgets

I am a HUGE Matt Johnson (THE THE) fan, the 1983 LP Soul Mining is one of my favorite albums of all time. Before THE THE and after The Gadgets Matt had a one off solo career on 4AD with his other amazing 1981 experimental
Synth release of Burning Blue Soul. While Matt was busy forming & refining elements of THE THE, he was an honorary member of Marc Almond's masterpiece supergroup Marc And The Mambas. Matt is busy man..

I can go on for hours on how awesome he is, but I know you all know this already. Please check out his website posted above, and check out the unpretentious activism he
is associated with..

Here is the best of the 3 Gadgets releases. This is the only one that Matt truly participated in..

The Gadgets - Gadgetree LP - 1980 - UK

Get it here:


Check out this well spoken interview with Matt Johnson:


Hope you like

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Harald Grosskopf

Are you ready to take an epic journey with Harald Grosskopf..

Harald has been working since the early 70's in different Krautrock, and Prog Rock ensembles such as Wallenstein, Ashra, and The Cosmic Jokers. His sweet blend of all the genres above make for a great 1980 synth masterpice "Synthesist". Dreamy and landscape-y like Risky Business in space without T.C.!

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist LP - 1980 - Germany

Get it here:


Hope you like

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Friday, April 25, 2008

3 different 7"

Here we have 3 different 7"

Sample these..

Transvolta - Disco Computer 7" - 1978 - France

30 years ago this Space disco jam was a big hit in France. It sounds soo much like Daft Punk.


Cry Shark - Protect / Survive 7" - 1981 - UK

One side of Bouncy Synth Pop, and the other of Creepy Dreary Synth madness.

& last

D E V O - Mechanical Man - 1978 - UK

This a great hardly heard of 7" from the UK.

Mechanical Man

Get them all here:


Hope you like

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Phil Brammer / Various Artists

Not too much info on this one.
I found this at WFMU Record Fair many years ago..
Very strange Neo-Synth-Folk, and some staight up Coldwave.
Side A is Titled "In Colour" and is all Credited to "Phil Brammer" (Neo-Synth-Folk).
Side B is a Various Artists compilation and is titled "Music By Numbers" (Coldwave).

A semi precious gem it is.

Phil Brammer / Various Artists - In Colour / Music By Numbers LP - 1981 - UK

Get it here:


Hope you like

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tools You Can Trust

Manchester-based drum-orientated rhythm-makers, comprising of Rob Ward (vocals, percussion & tapes), Phil Hughes (guitar & percussion), Ben Stedman (drums, bongos and tapes) and Eddie Fenn (drums), plus additional percussionists on stage. There's very little information about this band on the web, but hey were big in the early NYC Goth / Industrial club scene.

The music is a cross between Jeff & Jane Hudson and Test Dept in an alternate dimension..

I only have the last three releases, and they are a doozy..meaning awesome!!

So check it out..

Tools You Can Trust - Again Again Again LP - 1986 - UK

Get that here:



Tools You Can Trust - Say It Low 12" - 1986 - UK

Get that here:


And last.

Tools You Can Trust - Sharpen The Tools LP - 1986 - UK

Compilation of the first three 12"

Working And Shopping -1983
Show Your Teeth -1984
Cut A New Seam -1984

Get that here:


Good stuff here..

Hope you like

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Garage Cellar

Once in a while I got to shake things up a little...
I feel the need to replace my sound requirement from a Disco clap to a fuzzbox petal, an Electro Harmonix Polyphonic synth to a Gibson Custom Shop Duane Eddy Signature Guitar...
So I creep down into my pre-war apartment here in NYC, down past the garage, and through the Fallout Shelter, until I reach my special spot...
Deep under the bowels of Harlem NYC is a special little storage spot I call my Garage Cellar, a space all to my own were I store all my special vinyl that I have been collecting ever since I was 10 years old.
So once in a while I will trek down to my special Garage Cellar and pull up a non synth, totally obscure Garage-y / Trippy / Kitchy gem to share with you.

Today we have..

Vampires of Dartmoore - Dracula's Music Cabinet LP - 1969 - Germany

This one off novelty Lp is special gem. Lots of swirly organs, oldskool porn rifs, and one in a while the occasional deep pants with a spooky chant. A dark foray into the world of eerie samples & spine-chilling funk.


Get Vamped here:


Hope you like

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Der Plan

This group is considered the pioneers of the Neue Deutsche Welle scene. Super clanky, extra drony, and righteously German, this super group is a perfect meld of The Residents and Kraftwerk (a touch of DEVO too).
Der Plan was founded in 1979 by Frank Fenstermacher, Moritz R, Robert Görl (D.A.F.) & Chrislo Haas. Görl and Haas left after the first release, and were replaced by Kurt Dahlke. This trio remained constant until the group disbanded in 1993. In 2004, Moritz R reformed the band with new members Achim Treu & J.J. Jones. Not the band they used to be!


Here are the 2 best Der Plan Neue Deutsche Welle gems for you..

Der Plan - Geri Reig LP - 1980

Get that here:



Get that here:



Der Plan - Gummitwist

Hope you like

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Said to be the Munich's answer to the Residents, Ankles are far more Cold, Dark, and Minimal. Originally released as a casette in 1982, Was Soll Das? Schallplatten re-released ONLY 100 Vinyl Lp's in 2003. What a TREAT to have!

Ankles - Complete LP - 2003 (1982) - Germany

Come get this deep dark Casio-tone gem here:


Hope you like

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Nash The Slash

Nash the Slash would be happy to see you remove his recordings from your site. He has invested a lot of time restoring and remastering his early work for re-release to coincide with his new album.
Nash the Slash is one of Canada's first independent electronic artists and doesn't deserve to have his income eroded by free downloads.
I appreciate your blog as an experimental music enthusiast, but as a long time friend and associate of Nash I had to inform him of the free downloads.

F O O E Y ! ! ! !


DOUBLE F O O E Y ! ! ! !

Nash the Slash (Real Name: Nashville Thebodiah Slasher)(I wish that was my name) is a Canadian musician whose music transcends genres, blending elements of pop, classical, rock and contemporary electronics, then heavily tingeing the result with an ominous film noir darkness. Creepy, yet highly uptempo, Nash's tuneage is achieved with a unique and uncommon selection of instruments: the electric mandolin and electric violin. It is not as cheesy as it sounds, actually it is quite brilliant. Very Carpenter-esque/Tangerine Dream, his music creeps up on you, and induces a trance like state. I used to fall asleep to his music when I was like 15 years old, look what it did to me now!
Another aspect that sets Nash apart from most musicians is the fact that no one knows his real identity or what he looks like. While performing live (something he frequently does in and around the Toronto region), he is wrapped in white gauze and attired in a variety of curious costumes (the most recurrent one being a white tuxedo with high top hat).
Since 1979 Nash has always performed with surgical bandages covering his face. "During a gig at The Edge in the late '70's to raise awareness of the threat from the Three Mile Island disaster, he walked on stage wearing bandages dipped in phosphorus paint and exclaimed: "look, this is what happens to you". The bandages became his trademark.

Here are his first 3 releases which I feel are his best..

Nash The Slash - Bedside Companion 12" - 1978

Get that here:


Then there is his first LP:

Nash The Slash - Dreams And Nightmares LP - 1979

Get that here:



Nash The Slash - Children Of The Night LP - 1980

Get that here:


Hope you like

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Monday, April 21, 2008

STFU VOL. 7 Industrial Poseurs

Here we go again with Vol.7 in my STFU series. This time we explore the industrial side if the scene. With different aspects of this sometimes annoying sub genre, I give you a variety of Drony / Dancey / Noisy & Clanky jams to do a punchy dance move to!

can you handle it?

1 Babes Ov Babylon- SLEƎP CHAMBER
2 Drone Zone - Psychic TV
3 The Angel - Ministry
4 Los Ninos Del Parque -Liaisons Dangereuses
5 The Wall - Le Syndicat
6 My Name Jade - Konstruktivists Kontraband
7 Track 3 - In Sotto Voce
8 Paraparapa - F:A.R.
9 The Surgeon - Daze Of Trance
10 The Golden Section- COIL
11 Fresh Flesh Feast Art Remains Tangible
12 Mind The Gap - Ajax
13 Exorcism - Beelzebub Youth
14 Hot On The Heels Of Love -Throbbing Gristle
15 Dog As Master Man Bites Frog- If, Bwana

Look for your keys here:




Bernard Fèvre

Ladies and Germs come experience the electronic genius that is Bernard Fèvre.
One of the leaders in the Space Disco / Sleeze / Synthtronica sub genres..

I have been working on this post for like 3 weeks now trying to gather as much info as I can, but there is such sparse info on this genius. It seems that everyone is basically interested in his "Black Devil Disco Club" re release which may not even be him! There is not even a Wikipedia entry...

Here's what I do know.. He's French and put out 3 gorgeous releases in the mid to late 70's under Bernard Fèvre.

I believe this is the first.

Bernard Fèvre - The Strange World Of Bernard Fèvre - 1975

Get that here:


Then these next two releases are an enigma with not release dates. I am assuming that they are from the late 70's judging from the artwork (C-3P0-esque robot on cover)..

Bernard Fèvre - Cosmos 2043 - 197?

Get that here:



Bernard Fèvre - Suspense - 197?

Get that here:


And last is the much sought after...

Black Devil - Disco Club - 1978

Supposedly Richard James (Aphex Twin) heard this while tripping in a club and said it was the "best music he had ever heard".. I sorta agree, I am a sucka for those sleazy Moroder-esque synthy sounds too. Which led him to track down Fèvre and asked him to re-release it on his Rephlex Label. Thus the "Black Devil Disco Club - 28 After" came to be (go find it yourself)... Confusing I know!

Here it is:

Black Devil - Disco Club - 1978


I know you will enjoy this Spacey Disco Synth journey...

If you understand French. Look here:

Villette Sonique: Black Devil Disco Club

Like it, I know you will

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Here we go again with these crazy synth covers, Rexy is a perfect dichotomy of Anne Clark & Steely Dan. This was recommended to me by a bloke in the Camden Lot Flea market in the late 80's. Not too much is known about this cheeky Synth Wave trio out of the UK.

Here it is for you

Rexy - Running Out of Time - 1981 UK

Run here to get this:


Hope you like

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Bakersfield Boogie Boys

If you put The Flying Lizards and DEVO in an industrial blender you'd get Bakersfield Boogie Boys..
This bizarre early one-off from the Rhino stable is a mysterious bunch (three masked men and an unpictured woman) who's strange concept 12" is a quartet of skewed reinterpretations. A must if you must.

Bakersfield Boogie Boys - Okie from Muskogee 12" - 1980

Get it here:


Hope you like

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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Cos offers a mixture of Art Rock, Prog Rock, Disco and New Wave. Check out this kooky 12" from 1983 of Wavy dance tunes from Germany. Nothing special, but something interesting to have. Like Section 23 in a Renaissance fair... YES!!

Enjoy Cos - Hotel Atlantic

Go here:


Hope you like

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