Sunday, April 6, 2008


Blancmange .. Is not a creamy dessert, but an amazing Pop Synth Duo who started out MINIMAL!

Brought together by a mutual love of electronic music, Neil Arthur and keyboardist Stephen Luscombe formed a band called L360, changing their name to Blancmange in early 1979. They released their first EP Irene & Mavis the following year, but it was a track on the Some Bizzare Album compilation that led them to signing a contract with London Records. Their first single Feel Me was a minor hit in 1982, and they broke through later that year with Living on the Ceiling , a unusual mix of synth pop, Eastern rhythms . After a first album, Happy Families, and a string of pop singles (Blind Vision) reaching the UK Top Ten, they managed to repeat their initial success with Don't Tell Me, another Indian-flavoured synthetic pop song, and the second album Mange Tout in 1984. Sadly, as synthetic pop became passe, the band's success declined with their third album Believe You Me spending only two weeks in the national charts and the single What's Your Problem? only reaching #40 in 1985. They would soon disband in 1986.

So here is the first release Irene & Mavis , a pure synthonic experiment released in 1980

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Viddy Time...

This Video always annoyed me for some reason.
Blancmange - Blind Vision

I danced to this song alot at Malibu night club in Long Island circa 1985...
Blancmange - That's Love That It Is

Hope you like

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Eden 263 said...

Loving this, big fan of Blancmange - have you got Mange Tout, the second LP?