Saturday, April 19, 2008

KaS Product

Are a Coldwave duo from Nancy (France), founded in the early 80's by Spatsz (French) (synths and rhythm machines) and Mona Soyoc (American) (vocals and guitar).
Spatsz worked at a psychiatric hospital previously while Mona worked with a jazz band before meeting Spatsz. Together they formed an amazing union between Sexiness & Synth.
Bangs and additude!

KaS Products music is incredibly slick and produced flawlessly, something that is not typical for a "Coldwave" synth band.

Here are the first two full length releases...

KaS Product

Try Out - 1982

Try out Try Out here:



By Pass - 1983

Don't Bypass By Pass here:



KaS Product - Black & Noir - 1990 - France

Snatch that here:


"The best electro-cabaret kitsch offerings..."

Viddy Time

Kas Product - Never come back (live)

I know you like!

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Just wanted to andd one more THANK YOU for the good quality pics of album covers!
Really Great kind music.


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you dont have a eye ego of this group? luzbeth

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