Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tools You Can Trust

Manchester-based drum-orientated rhythm-makers, comprising of Rob Ward (vocals, percussion & tapes), Phil Hughes (guitar & percussion), Ben Stedman (drums, bongos and tapes) and Eddie Fenn (drums), plus additional percussionists on stage. There's very little information about this band on the web, but hey were big in the early NYC Goth / Industrial club scene.

The music is a cross between Jeff & Jane Hudson and Test Dept in an alternate dimension..

I only have the last three releases, and they are a doozy..meaning awesome!!

So check it out..

Tools You Can Trust - Again Again Again LP - 1986 - UK

Get that here:



Tools You Can Trust - Say It Low 12" - 1986 - UK

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And last.

Tools You Can Trust - Sharpen The Tools LP - 1986 - UK

Compilation of the first three 12"

Working And Shopping -1983
Show Your Teeth -1984
Cut A New Seam -1984

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Good stuff here..

Hope you like

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Ray F Beard said...

Great to see that someone else has heard them, trying to find downloads now.

JacqSiir said...

Hahaha! Ben Stedman is my stepdad!
Great to see people are still listening to his/their music!