Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Section 25

Section 25 were formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in April 1978 by brothers Lawrence and Vincent Cassidy, taking their name from a provision of the Mental Health Act which allowed for compulsory detention.

Unlike the majority of their obvious peers the group survived beyond 1982, and in 1984 not only scored an international dance hit but also synthesized acid house avant la lettre. Then they split.

You know the CLASSIC song!

Looking from a Hilltop from the Lp "From the Hip" A miraculous Album.. Do you have it?

Now you do! LINX REMOVED Now here are 2 different video versions of Looking from a Hilltop.

Section 25 "Looking from a Hilltop" (Version 1)

Section 25 "Looking from a Hilltop" (Version 2)

Sing along..

Don’t have any reason to be here, but this I have to make clear, don’t
understand my fear don’t do this to me, somewhere. . . . looking from the
hilltop, where are you below? Looking from the hilltop , where are you
out there?
It’s all ours, power bond, power bond, power bond.
Take it all away from me, you know there is no family, know there is no
family. . . . . . it’s an interesting find. It’s all ours, it’s a love
bond, it’s a power bond, power bond.
I just want to see your face to see your face to see your face to, I
just want to see your face. Bring me down, bring me down, power bond[x2]
I just want to see your face to see your face I just want to. . . .

Hope you like

Clap Clap


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this, very rare stuff, and even harder to find up here in brazil, i'm a forty-fiver, from LP days, and took a year or so to get section 25 stuff back in those days, the eighties...thank you so much

Gabriel Heinrich said...

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