Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trop Tard

Oh yes.. It's my turn! So it seems that everyone and their mom has a Trop Tard posting on thier Blog... You know why.. CAUSE THEY RULE!! These sexy French bastard sons of The Jesus and Mary Chain & Alien Sex Fiend sound is like a daydream nightmare! Actually the first time I heard of TT was at the Jesus and Mary Chain concert @ The Ritz in NYC circa 1985, they played the full Lp before performing, and the whole crowd was mesmerized. It was hard to acquire this gem , but 2 years later I finally did, and it STILL holds up!

So here are the 2 releases:

Ils Etaient 9 Dans L'Obscurité LP 198? 4-5??

The Cassette only release "Photodrame" 1987

Obtenez ici :

Ils Etaient 9 Dans L'Obscurité


Espérons que vous aimerez

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Droid Sektor said...

Great posts and great blog. But just 1 problem. Can't you put the track order? Some of Trop Tard's mp3s are even with their full names incorrect example: "Oublier la vC¦ºritC¦º.mp3", i can deduct it must be "...verité",but without track-list... you get my point. Track-list also important specially for these rare releases. Thank you

Flo said...

Hello, glad to see you like so much Trop Tard :)
if you want more info about them, you can contact
a new release will come soon as a posthumous object


The Cold Depths of Solitude said...

It's not really certain, but the release should take out in November on the Infrastition Label! I put an interview for Photodrame K7 from Espoires Ephémères fanzine (in french only:/) in pictures of the myspace page. Have a good Evening!

So if you search any information about the band, tell me (you can also see on my blog or the myspace page ;))

(It's 1988 for "Ils étaient 9 dans l'obscurité ;))