Monday, April 21, 2008

Bernard Fèvre

Ladies and Germs come experience the electronic genius that is Bernard Fèvre.
One of the leaders in the Space Disco / Sleeze / Synthtronica sub genres..

I have been working on this post for like 3 weeks now trying to gather as much info as I can, but there is such sparse info on this genius. It seems that everyone is basically interested in his "Black Devil Disco Club" re release which may not even be him! There is not even a Wikipedia entry...

Here's what I do know.. He's French and put out 3 gorgeous releases in the mid to late 70's under Bernard Fèvre.

I believe this is the first.

Bernard Fèvre - The Strange World Of Bernard Fèvre - 1975

Get that here:


Then these next two releases are an enigma with not release dates. I am assuming that they are from the late 70's judging from the artwork (C-3P0-esque robot on cover)..

Bernard Fèvre - Cosmos 2043 - 197?

Get that here:



Bernard Fèvre - Suspense - 197?

Get that here:


And last is the much sought after...

Black Devil - Disco Club - 1978

Supposedly Richard James (Aphex Twin) heard this while tripping in a club and said it was the "best music he had ever heard".. I sorta agree, I am a sucka for those sleazy Moroder-esque synthy sounds too. Which led him to track down Fèvre and asked him to re-release it on his Rephlex Label. Thus the "Black Devil Disco Club - 28 After" came to be (go find it yourself)... Confusing I know!

Here it is:

Black Devil - Disco Club - 1978


I know you will enjoy this Spacey Disco Synth journey...

If you understand French. Look here:

Villette Sonique: Black Devil Disco Club

Like it, I know you will

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soundhead said...

thank you thank you!

black devil "disco club" is one of my favorite albums, ever.

i didn't really know any information on them! this sounds GREAT! woo!

nightlight said...

Thanx man, really cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks for these great albums.