Monday, April 21, 2008

STFU VOL. 7 Industrial Poseurs

Here we go again with Vol.7 in my STFU series. This time we explore the industrial side if the scene. With different aspects of this sometimes annoying sub genre, I give you a variety of Drony / Dancey / Noisy & Clanky jams to do a punchy dance move to!

can you handle it?

1 Babes Ov Babylon- SLEƎP CHAMBER
2 Drone Zone - Psychic TV
3 The Angel - Ministry
4 Los Ninos Del Parque -Liaisons Dangereuses
5 The Wall - Le Syndicat
6 My Name Jade - Konstruktivists Kontraband
7 Track 3 - In Sotto Voce
8 Paraparapa - F:A.R.
9 The Surgeon - Daze Of Trance
10 The Golden Section- COIL
11 Fresh Flesh Feast Art Remains Tangible
12 Mind The Gap - Ajax
13 Exorcism - Beelzebub Youth
14 Hot On The Heels Of Love -Throbbing Gristle
15 Dog As Master Man Bites Frog- If, Bwana

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