Saturday, April 5, 2008

German Shepherds

This is some sick shit here...
According to Discogs.. "The German Shepherds, formed by Sandy Stark and Stephen Scheatzle in Nov. 1981, released a three song ep in early "82 with "Booty Jones" -- to child molester and kidnapper Kenneth Parnell; "I Adore You" -- an offering of prayer and submission and "Message from JJ" -- a rousing sermon by Peoples Temple chief Rev. Jim Jones.

Sandy Stark was arrested in June of '84 on trumped up child molestation charges and committed suicide while awaiting trial. Shattered by Stark's death, Scheatzle enlisted German Shepherd producer M. Huthinson to replace Stark and work began anew on the lp project. "Music For Sick Queers" was the long awaited result."


Here is a crazed all over the place synthtronic abstruction with desperate confessional ramblings?

No Wave nonsense at its worst!

So here is "Music for Sick Queers"
Can you handle it?


Umm Hope you like?

C L A P?


Valentine Michael Smith said...

how can one not be curious for a listen with an introduction such as that? It will soon be molesting my VIII nerve.

Valentine Michael Smith said...

oh. my. god. It's really something, isn't it?

DennisCLee said...

Not true. The whole 'Sandy Stark' bit is hype invented by Scheatzle and Hutchinson, whose weird sense of humor permeates throughout their music. This is heavy industrial noise at its best, with creepy stories narrated over them like a can of worms on a plate of spaghetti.