Monday, April 7, 2008

No Girls

Here is a slew of some awesome Women of the "No Wave" scene 7"'s...

First from Leeds is "Girls At Our Best" Possibly the finest early eighties band never to have a chart single and they split up before having any real success.


MOtel - Hey Hey
This teen fuzzpop No Wave late 80's ROQ'S

The best for LAST...

The Anemic Boyfriends - Guys are not proud & Fake I.D.
These Alaskan No Wavers put out the most nostalgic post fuzz punk ditties out there.

“Guys are such creeps/ They’ll even do it with sheep,” “Guys don’t care/ They’ll stick it anywhere,” “Guys are disgusting/ They’re always lusting” = three of the best lines from “Guys Are Not Proud,” the first single from a 1980 post-punk band from Anchorage, Alaska, called the Anemic Boyfriends. The lyrics are delivered with a mocking leer, and then a goofy little melodica hook punch-lines them, sounding exactly how Ashlee Simpson’s embarrassed Saturday Night Live dance looked. So yeah, “Guys Are Not Proud” is an amazing song, apparently a favorite of John Peel’s and clearly a cut worthy of the post-punk pantheon — the lyrics so coy and fun, the dub aspects so perfectly applied and the dingy recording quality that conceals and enhances so much.

The other three songs are a mixed bag. “Bad Girls in Love” is somewhere between Kiss and the Dead Boys — straight, fucked-up rock — and “Fake ID” is D-level Runaways, but the final track, “Love Attack,” has an absolutely sick little keyboard-melodica hook that’s perfect for sampling/DJ-set mixing. Though it lacks the lyrical panache of “Guys Are Not Proud,” it’s nearly as great.

Get them ALL here


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