Thursday, April 17, 2008

Schaltkreis Wassermann

If Moroder and Enya took acid in a studio the result would be Schaltkreis Wassermann. They were a psychedelic-electronic musical project of Stella Space and PJ Wassermann in the 80's.
Weeks and months in their studio exploring sound and consciousness resulting in PSYCHOTRON a ground breaking album in 1982 showcasing a lot of what was to become mainstream in electronic music and then some.
PSYCHOTRON was sold all over the world as a vinyl album and made it to numer 7 of the British synthesizer charts in Melody Maker, in the company of Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Tomita.

I was recommended this release by the nice people over at OTHER MUSIC.. Thanx!


Schaltkreis Wassermann - PSYCHOTRON - 1982 (re-released in 2005) - Switzerland

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Anonymous said...

The link leads to the Cosmic Overdose album. Can you correct? Thanks!

Fantasmi said...

Done did it!

illusion said...

but...the link is dead!
re upload please!

Fantasmi said...

Re - upped!!

the saucer people said...

I had forgotten all about the Schaltkreis Wassermann "Psychotron" album! Huge thanks for sharing this and its great to see the four extra tracks on it!

Though on Discogs it says that they are four unreleased tracks, the 'Space Shuttle' and 'Hyper Space' tracks come from a 7 inch single released in 1981 and apparently the theme music to a German tv series called "Dr. Bruno Stanek's Space Shuttle".

The third track is called 'Why?' and is taken from a 12 inch single called Why Don´t We Live In Space? released in 1983 on a Swiss label (though why the title is shortened is unknown!)...

The 4th and final track "Excursion" I can find no reference for so it may be an unreleased track..who knows!?

From their website I see that the duo Peter Wassermann and Daniela Wassermann are still performing as Schaltkreis Wassermann albeit they have moved into the 'trance' territory and cranked up the BPMs!

I hope they realise that there is now a real audience for their pioneering music of the early eighties who can appreciate the more experimental output!

tentas said...

great album
big thanx