Friday, March 26, 2010


Are you ready for some dark sided stuff?
Icy-yet-still-very-analog synths, we get a vocalist who sounds like he really wanted to be in a death metal band, but was kicked out for sounding too much like a satanic Cookie Monster. There's also an occasional disturbing female vocalist chiming in. [Dr. Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities]

Sounds like a bunch of silly cenobites on schrooms playing with synths with little sisters!

Its VERY freaky!

Warning - Warning Lp - 1982 - Germany

Get that here: WARNING


Warning- Electric Eyes Lp - 1983 - Germany

Get that here: EYES

Here's a taste..


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Transparent Illusion

I just recently got this incredible minimal synth nugget.. So I'm passing it on to you!

Transparent Illusion is a one man project by a guy named Roy Young, one man, one synth, one drum machine and a whole lot of amazing music...

Transparent Illusion - Still Human Lp - 1981 - UK

Get that here: TI

Check out this homemade video.

transparent illusion - the age of ridicule

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It's Back!

Two years later..

Thank you all who are supportive, and who are not.

More to come.

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Plastic Mode

Sleezy Synthy Disco that can only originate from Italy.
Italian duo doing it better.
From the best italo labels of all time Discomagic records!

Plastic Mode - Plastic Mode Lp - 1985 - Italy

Catch this smooth cheese here: PM

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patrick D. Martin

Here he is.. the kooky black sheep bastard of I.R.S. records!..

This American 12-inch was gathered from a batch of British singles. The mysterious Mr. M. plays bright electro-pop that sounds like a simplified \"Pop Muzik,\" but the heavy British accent in his singing eliminates any taint of mechanical coolness. \"Computer Datin\'\" is the standout track. - [Ira Robbins] Trouser Press

Yeah yeah yeah. You decide!

Patrick D. Martin - Patrick D. Martin Lp - 1981 - US

Get that here: PDM

Viddy here: electric motors

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