Friday, March 26, 2010

Plastic Mode

Sleezy Synthy Disco that can only originate from Italy.
Italian duo doing it better.
From the best italo labels of all time Discomagic records!

Plastic Mode - Plastic Mode Lp - 1985 - Italy

Catch this smooth cheese here: PM

Clap away..


the saucer people said...

The sound of two hands clapping....The cover alone is worth the download, existing as it does beyond any limit of decency and taste....and yet instantly recognisable as over the top eighties Romanesque.

Just what were they thinking in the bizarre world of eighties Italo-Disco?!?...Love the music, a high standard of bad English, terrible syntax and deranged lyrics coupled with a quintessential Italo-Disco synth workout, what more could you ask for I wonder?

A great start to my weekend, I imagine I will be slurring the words to 'Baja Imperial' around 5am this Sunday to be to love ZYX, their sheer range from the sublime to beyond ridiculous is a catalogue to behold!

Good to see you are back in the posting game, you are one of the few blogs whose recommendations I actually trust.

Ɉ said...

nice ! it makes me think of Suzy Andrews.. i'm sure you know. i can't find her entire EP..well.