Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Der Plan

This group is considered the pioneers of the Neue Deutsche Welle scene. Super clanky, extra drony, and righteously German, this super group is a perfect meld of The Residents and Kraftwerk (a touch of DEVO too).
Der Plan was founded in 1979 by Frank Fenstermacher, Moritz R, Robert Görl (D.A.F.) & Chrislo Haas. Görl and Haas left after the first release, and were replaced by Kurt Dahlke. This trio remained constant until the group disbanded in 1993. In 2004, Moritz R reformed the band with new members Achim Treu & J.J. Jones. Not the band they used to be!


Here are the 2 best Der Plan Neue Deutsche Welle gems for you..

Der Plan - Geri Reig LP - 1980

Get that here:



Get that here:



Der Plan - Gummitwist

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der plan @ atatak said...

Did you know that these albums are still availible at our website?
We try to survive, and you give it away for free, thank you......

basso said...

Hi Fantasmi,

I was about to buy "der Plan" CDs and I was pretty pleased to find their LPs posted here @ your superb blog.
But "Pustekuchen" as we say here in "der Plan"'s motherland. No possibility of trying before buying. (just these ugly snippets over at atatak)
Pretty stupid of 'em to ask for removal, because by posting their LPs a whole lot of information may be spread. I myself have decided to wait until I find "der Plan" LPs in the 1€-bin on my lovely local fleamarket.
keep your head up and see if you find anything of nterest @

Anonymous said...

i had never heard of nor seen this band before viewing this blog. i might have downloaded an album and appreciated it immensely causing me to go to their site to make a purchase.

thanks to the bands actions and more importantly, their ATTITUDE, i will not hear their music. subsequently, I WILL NOT PURCHASE THEIR MATERIALS.

have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

some artists just don't realize that what blogs do is actually to promote their music and in this way more people to get to know the band and their music and eventually buy their releases if they like them..
Im so dissapointed when I see such reactions from the artists cause such reactions make me think that they only do music for money :(

Dr. Nothing said...

Truly appreciated! Fantastic content. KUDOS for your time!