Thursday, August 27, 2009

ADN' Ckrystall

I recently got these synth nuggets for way tooo much $$!

In the year 1977,a new electronic music formation was born:ADN' ckrystall.Together with Vangelis and Tim Blake, mastermind érick Moncollin was jamming in the summer that year, playing a prototyp of the legendary Korg ms-20.After studies of music and sound at shool art in Toulouse(France)he started in '78 to play live in smaller clubs and on events, together with a parrallel member of the group GonG, he continued his musical experiments. In 1982, the first vinyl album was released "jazz'mad" (actually cheer with tracks 'cocaina vitamina-Haschisch-TamTam samba' In 1984, the famous 'IN-Edit'7"ep including the underground hit 'Deutsch Napalm' was released (actually at 230 euros !!!! on e-bay ? and jazz'mad at 90eur. I REALLY HALLUCINE !!!) In '87 a flexi disc in art'mag was released 'Museum ep'. end '85 to '88 ADN was a real band ( see Kernkrach 7"16, with 2 tracks from 1985, and "the lost tapes"'comp/06 on minimal wave for '86 track under ADN'la catastrophe'name), a very ltd tape follows in '91 "la couleur du vent" and in 2005 ADN new lp was good welcome ! Actually ADN works on futur mini'tour live'dates ( ready for mars 2008), finish to masterizzzze a special "25 years anniversary album" with only my old analog material, so crazy & cool, hahaha!(ANNA LOGUE Recordings anna013-2007) and ADN is open to welcome' propose (live'date,festivals, clubbs,foodings, harems, peep-shows & so on ..... WE ALL ARE MADE OF ADN' CKRYSTALL - MYSPACE

ADN' Ckrystall - Jazz' Mad LP - 1982/2005 - France/US


ADN' Ckrystall - In-Edit 7" - 1984 - France

Get those here:


Check this out..

ADN'Ckrystal - Live @ Kernkrach Festival 2008




Giordano said...

hi fm,

you seem to have quite an amazing collection of records and tapes, and i've read some posts which mention that you are in nyc...and i'm wondering if you ever dj anywhere? or if you go to parties like wierd or exotic birds (frankie teardrop's night)? there's also this new party in bk called skittles, but i haven't gone yet...

there are so few people with these records here, it would be good to have more people on the decks!

best and thanks for all the releases!


Fantasmi said...

Thanx G

Thanks for the kind words.

Well I'm too busy to DJ, and it seems that Brooklyn is the only place that would understand this certain kind of synth..

I live all the way up in West Harlem... so..

be well

Find me on facebook VIA my e-mail


Anonymous said...

Great post - thanks. Can it be that the one screaming segment in Deutsch-Napalm is part of MARRS' Pump up the volume?