Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Elephant Table Album

I forgot about this gem..

This was probably the first over $20.00 CD I purchased back in 1989. Who cares!

The Elephant Table Album: a compilation of difficult music was a 1983 Compilation album, released on Xtract Records. The Double album was compiled by music journalist Dave Henderson following a series of articles by him in Sounds, the British music paper. It was reissued on CD by the same label in 1989, but with the tracks sourced from the vinyl release rather than the master tape,[1] and the number of tracks reduced from 21 to 17.[2] The tracks consisted of a selection by lesser-known experimental, industrial and electronic artists of the period... Wikipedia

Featuring obscure electronic industrial jams by Chris and Cosey, Coil, Bourbonese Qualk, Nurse With Wound, 400 Blows, and many more.

Various - The Elephant Table Album Lp/CD - 1983/1989 - UK

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W. said...

Nice post. Do you have the follow-up, Three Minute Symphony?

Fantasmi said...

No I don't. I have been looking.. its 42 on the list.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this - it brought a smile to my face, even though all I remember is The Bourbonese Qualk.

I've got the original LP stashed away in a box but wasn't really motivated to dig it out & digitize it myself. Thanks for the resurrection!