Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mark Shreeve

Mark Shreeve is a British pioneer of melodic electronic music. He debuted is music on cassettes of complex electronics redolent of early 80's Tangerine Dream coupled with a melodic pop sensibility..

He also wrote many of Samantha Fox's mid-80s hits!

Part of the intensity of this music is found in tunes like Flagg and The Stand which show that Shreeve was reading horror writer Steven King which no doubt added a bit of darkness and force to the presentation. Another interesting note is that one song, Icon is co-written by Chris Franke who also plays on the song. During that time Franke was still a member of the legendary German band, Tangerine Dream.

Synthrock at its finest!

 Mark Shreeve - Legion LP - 1985 - UK

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Mark Shreeve - Legion

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