Thursday, June 25, 2009


Marzio Vincenzi lead and background vocalist originary from Bologna, Italy. Always fascinated by disco music, Marzio Vincenzi, convinced his friend Mauro Malavasi to produce, in 1978, his first record "I'm A Man". The title track, a remake of a Steve Winwoood's piece, had an immediate, favorable outcome. Subsequently, with the advent of what is identified by many like 'rosco music', an hybrid between rock and disco, Macho succeeded to place, in 1980, the album "Roll", containing pieces like "Mother Love (Mama Mia)" and "You Got Me Running", beyond "Roll" itself. |Discogs|

Come get some ulta sleezy overly kitchy rockin Rosco masterpieces..

Macho - I'm a man LP - 1978 - USA


Macho - Roll LP - 1980 - Canada

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gojira said...

That guy sure knows what cover art is all about.

meltedrubbersoul said...

Wow, I never knew anyone could pre-empt DAF. Where do you find all this stuff? As usual, thank you.