Monday, June 29, 2009

Pas De Deux

Pas de Deux was a project of Walter Verdin, an art-student who already had a history in music with Specimen & The Rizikoos and as a solo-artist.

PDD represented Belgium for the 1983 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.. The band ended third from last. Nonetheless 'Rendez-Vous' became a big summer hit in Belgium that year. Pas De Deux released one mini-album and a couple of singles.

Quirky No Wave Belpop / Synth pop at its finest

Pas De Deux - Des Tailles LP - 1983 - Belgium

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MC Stafanus said...

Am wandering through genres for not a long time,and now am on 80s music with different synth sounds,am not at the half of your blog ,(carefully studying it,really :)helped me understand the corners of the sound of the era. I really do appreciate ur work,thank you very much.