Tuesday, November 18, 2008


YOU - Quoted direct from their MySpace page..

After breaking his steps as a solo-artist, Udo Hanten collaborated with Ulrich Weber and brought up the band "YOU". Hanten on synths and Weber on electric guitar. In December 1978, first songs were presented in Berlin at the "Paragon" studio of Peter Baumann. Later a conversation with Conny Plank tipped the scales, to do a production by them self.

The first album "Electric Day" was recorded between May and August 1979 at Udo Hanten's Spiegeltraum Studio (2 floors over North Sea). The production emerged from a collaboration between Udo Hanten, Ulrich Weber and Harald Grosskopf (at that time living in West-Berlin and member of Ashra). Albin Meskes completed the party during the production.

HG owned an eight-track tape recorder (which he got from Klaus Schulze) while Hanten supplied a couple of synthesizers and sequencers. In this recording environment, the team produced two records: Harald Grosskopf's debut LP "Synthesist" and "Electric Day".

Great Prog/Electronic sound with an epic synth grandness... If your a fan of this blog, you will be a fan of YOU!

You - Electric Day Lp - 1979 - Germany

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bcr said...

thanx sooooooo much for sharing this amazing lp! love it! any chance you have more of their magick to share?

Anonymous said...

incredible music ,thanx again from patagonia argentina