Monday, November 24, 2008

The Apple

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Disco and Wave!"

About 4 or 5 years ago my good friend Forrest was relocating to NYC, and was crashing in my place for a while. We found ourselves watching TV at like 7am in the morning, and came across this unheard of gem called "The Apple". WE WERE MESMERIZED!!! What the hell were we watching? This 70's futuristic musical set in the 90's, with a pure cheesy disco Wave soundtrack, and over the top acting, costumes, and makeup..

So much more happens..

Great synopsis here: The Apple.

I think I'd like to believe that we started this mini craze from our word of mouth. Prior to us watching this movie on cable it has basically been an unheard of movie that no one knew about. Now there is a full out BIM parties (you will know soon), and a total re-interest in this forgotten gem.

Just buy the movie here (new or used) THE APPLE. You won't regret!

I finally got my hands on this epic soundtrack.

So for you pure aural enjoyment..

The Apple Original Soundtrack 1979/1980

Get that here (if you dare):

Dandi & Pandi

Check out the Trailer

The Apple

Hope you like



Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

Craig from NYC here. So I watched it, finally. This is about the sixth time someone has told me to watch The Apple. With the exception of Speed, I didn't love it. Speed made me cackle though. And seeing Allan Love perform was hysterical, I only knew him from Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares. Regardless, thank you. My bf loves it! Hope the end to this year is great for you!


onelife-oneword-onelove said...

This is so much worse than I imagined it. And I imagined something so horrible it could not be named... something so alien and fearsome that it would cause any observers to claw their eyes out lest they see it again... I imagined the wailing of lost souls from the lowest pit of hell, the gnashing of teeth and the haunted howls of doom. "The Apple" makes all that seem pale by comparison.

On the plus side, once you've lived through "The Apple" there's pretty much nothing worse the cosmos can throw at you.

Bob Fingerman said...

Thanks so much for this! I love The Apple. It's one of the nuttiest movies I've ever seen and boasts too many catchy tunes. Real ear worms! How it hasn't really garnered a cult of its own I'll never know. It's so hilariously wrong. It's that weirdest and unlikeliest of breeds: crass and yet ingenuous. It wants to glom onto every popular fad and in doing so it kind of subverts them all. It's terribly square and tacky and yet the totality of it is wonderful.

But maybe that's just me.