Thursday, January 22, 2009

Age of Chance

Such an exciting time 1986-87 was. Lots of spandex, lots of make-up... Lots of noise!!!

Big bad noise!!

Age of Chance! Cycling gear as a fashion statement!

Pumping out punk rap metal hip-hop industrial beat to sheer perfection..

Kissed by The Designers Republic provide an ultra-strong graphic identity to the band's record sleeves.

I saw them play here in NYC at the infamous Ritz, for a 25 minute set not even an encore.. Verry balsy.. verry BRITISH.. VERRY I-d..

Here u go yo!


“If you don’t like to dance, you don’t like to live”…

Age of Chance - The Twilight World of Sonic Disco LP - 1986 - UK

Get that here:



Age Of Chance - Crush Collision LP - 1986 - UK

Get that here:



Age of Chance - One Thousand Years of Trouble Lp - 1987 - UK

Get that here:


Check out a Vid!

Age of Chance - Who's afraid of the big bad noise

Love it!!

Clap Clap


Anonymous said...


Nice posts, thanks very much. For some reason, the 'Crush' download doesn't work -- I've tried it on IE, Opera, and Mozilla.



Fantasmi said...

missed a letter.. sorry..try now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fantasmi Macchina,

Thanks, downloading now. Your music is appreciated!



Anonymous said...

wow, amazin musique

for some reason it reminds me a little of the beastie boys but on drugs... i mean more drugs.

Ursula 1000 said...

AOC ruled. SOOOOOO ahead of their time from a production standpoint...sample technology as important as Paul's Boutique. i said it. shit, even Janet Miss Jackson if you're nasty ripped them off!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Loved Age of Chance!

cruise_elroy said...

any chance of a re-up on these three? not easy to track down on the internet…