Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 chunx of Vinyl

Photo courtesy of my lovely buddy KC... Why'd she move to LA?

So here we got's 3X7 inchers and 2x 12'ers.

Just the way you like it.. big and raw!

First we start with..

Gleitzeit - Ich Komme Aus Der DDR 7"- 1982 - Germany

Taken from the movie Nuclearvision. A Kraftywerky robo jam. I found this at Flamingo Plaza thrift stores in Miami.. Lotsa treasures can be found there..


Car Crash Set - Two Songs 12" - 1983 - New Zealand

A bouncy synth gem from the other down under..


Do-Po - Rhythm / Oxidization 7" - 1981 - Italy

I paid ALOT for this years ago... A overprogrammed manic electro-synth masterpiese! It's got every trick in the book.


Days Of Sorrow - Remembering The Days 12" - 1984 - Germany

Check out this Gothic synth obscurity.. Sounds like Xymox..


Ti-Tho - Traumtänzer 7" - 1982 - Germany

Last check out this duo from the Hamburg New Scene, bandname Ti-Tho formed by the member names Christina & Thomas.. Its crazy bitch synth wave!..

Get them all here:


Hope you like..

Clap Clap


b dubb said...

awesome!! this is some cool shit, thanks!

Anonymous said...


Great synth crap. I love it all.

Keep it up.

Maybe 320 or v0 next time?

~ marco

criz said...

love your surprise bags! thx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog full of impossible items to get a hold of. Thanks for this very buetiful bizarre trip down audio lane :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there , Just found your great site , lots of wonderful stuff here , i`ve just downloaded the Zip file but it says it needs a password to Unzip it , any idea what it is ?....Many thanks again for a great site

Ian said...

many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog while looking for Ti-tho. I downloaded the Chunx 7"/12" but it says there's a pswd needed and I'm not sure where to find it; please if you can let me know. Great works on here, thank you.