Monday, February 2, 2009

Witches & Waveforms

Daphne, Louise, and Delia!

Three very unique chicks.

Starting with:

Daphne Oram - Electronic Sound Patterns 1-3 - 1962 - UK

Daphne worked for the BBC from 1943 firstly as a sound engineer, and then as the co-founder and Director of the "Radiophonic Workshop" from 1958 until she set up her own studio Folly Tower, so that she could make her own music, not just creating sounds to be used as special effects. She also created a musical machine that converted pictures into sound, known as 'Oramics' which she later continued working on, with the onset of the home computer revolution in 1981.

Dreamy short Sci-Fi bursts of electronic goodness.

Then there is..

Delia Derbyshire - Inventions For Radio - Dreams - 1964 - UK

The creator of the "Doctor Who" theme. This British bird laid out advanced electronic soundscapes from the 50's till her death in 2001. Shortly before Delia died, she wrote the following: "Working with people like Sonic Boom on pure electronic music has re-invigorated me.. Us too D!

Thanks to Moogoo who had these recordings on SlSk.

Then there is one of my favorite all time Lp's ever recorded..

Louise Huebner - Seduction Through Witchcraft Lp - 1969 - US

Louise Huebner the Official Witch of Los Angeles County is the only officially appointed Official Witch in the World. In fact she is the only officially appointed Official Witch in the entire Cosmos.

You will be caught up in her wacky orgy spells, and that voice! I never heard of her until I came across this Lp in a Miami thrift store in the early 90's. Rosemary's baby meets Lydia Lunch without the noise..
Watch out.. she makes witchcraft trippy and sleezy, approach with care...

Get them all here"



"Light the flame,
Bright the fire,
Red is the color of desire"!



jane.e.holloway said...

weirdly tons of people play the rosemary's baby theme as a pseudo jazz standard now - it's a ballad i guess.

Jean-Luc said...

This post is great; Louise is the shit!!!
Just discovered your blog, very nice.

rickdog said...

Find more Delia Derbyshire in my mp3blog and forum searches:

Anonymous said...

a great share. thank you!

soundhead said...

how dare you post witchcraft!!! witchcraft is not joke!!


MeltedRubberSoul said...

Delia Derbyshire's album is fucking creepy, especially with all those splicedtogethernarratives that keep popping up again and again over the ominous droning, like a jigsaw puzzle that keeps changing its pieces. It's every bad acid trip I've ever had, when these tiny little phrases kept reappearing in conversation, and I wondered if the world had me trapped.

This early electronic music is amazing; thank you. I've rarely had access to this kind of music.

Anonymous said...

I have another curiosity (in a similar vein) that just might interest you:

It's Delia Derbyshire's Music and Special Sound From the BBC1 Play For Today: "O Fat White Woman", broadcast 1971.

There's so little Delia Derbyshire BBC Radiophonic Workshop material available really, and this is pretty amazing. I think deserves to be heard... Anyway, here's the link:

Best regards,