Friday, February 27, 2009

Thomas Leer & Robert Rental

This awesome deep dark gem was recorded for Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records label in 1979. I picked this up in the mid 80's at Bleeker Bob's during my hardcore TG/Psychic TV phase.. There was this tall blond skinhead who was in the group "God is my Co-pilot" who worked at BB's, swore up and down that I needed it for my collection. I wasn't a fan at the initial listening, but I recently really grew to enjoy the complexities of this coldnoise treasure!

Sounds like Soft Cell and Cabaret Voltaire recorded in the TG studios while tripping hard..

"Recording info. This album was recorded at home on 8 track equipment, provided for us by Industrial Records. It was produced in the two weeks dating 18th June to 2nd July. All blips and un seemly noises were generated by refridgerators & other domestic appliances & are intrinsic to the music. Special Thanks to Throbbing Gristle for their help & encouragement throughout."

Thomas Leer And Robert Rental - Lp - 1979 - UK

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Check out Madame Sadowsky doing Monochrome Days

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onelife-oneword-onelove said...

Now this, this is good. Thank you.

I'm gonna use some of their noise when I turn the Xanadu soundtrack into something like the sound a frog makes in a blender (I imagine).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for digging out this awesome gem I've been listening to ever since I bought it eons ago. That revamped version is marvellous, an admirable balance between old and new. Kudos to you and to Madame Sadowsky.