Monday, November 23, 2009

Didier Marouani

Didier Marouani (born in 1952 in Monaco) is a French composer and musician of Algerian descent. He is one of the pioneers in the Electronic music genre.

Didier started his career as pop singer under the pseudonym ECAMA, which released the hit single "Magic Fly". Later he participated in such well-known bands as Space and Paris-France-Transit. He sold over 12 millions records all over the world.
Throughout the 1980s, Didier Marouani & SPACE gained quite a large popularity in France and many European socialist republics (such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Soviet Union).

In-freggin-credible stuff here..

Wish I had more to share.

Didier Marouani - Temps X 7" -1979 - France


Didier Marouani - Space Opera Lp - 1987 - France

Get those here:



Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit Lp - 1982

Get that here:


Check this out..

Didier Marouani - Space Opera

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BCR said...

wow nice! looking forward to hearing these. thanx for sharing!

BCR said...

the "paris france transit" file seems to be corrupted. ???

Autocataclismo Kassette Bujarda said...

This is a GREAT blog, my friend. Keep digging for out of print stuff!
Personally, I' like to find more french coldwave and german flexi. I already have many LPs and EPs of those styles, but you can never get enough.

Take care.

whitepunksondope said...

The "Temps X" seven inch is such a classic track as is the b-side "Song for You" and as much as I love the "Space" material, I think his solo music is far more cosmic (in the widest sense of the word) and whats more, it has one of the best covers ever...the epitome of classic French prog-disco-electroid madness..what were they putting in the water at that time, the JP Massiera album covers are the same: wonderfully strange and strangely wonderful.
Only just discovered your blog and I have a feeling its a place I may be making one of my virtual homes ;)

Anonymous said...

I was asked for a password when extracing Temps X.
What is it?

Anonymous said...

Try and try again.. No password is needed