Monday, September 29, 2008


You all seem to EAT up all the 12" & 7" I post, so here you go...

Some more D'lectronic mayhem & Disco synthesis..

First we have a raging Italo 12"

Sleeze out to this electronic voyage...

Time - Shaker Shake 12" - 1983 - Italy


We also have a Electronic No Wave gem with -


Just like their ground breaking peers ESG, Anomy are the electronic equivalent. What better than chix from the Bronx bumping out No Wavey beats? I dunno???

Anomy - TVC-15 / Lone Wolf 7" - 1981 - US


I got here a Kitchy Gothy electro Gem..

Pleasure and the Beast

this Canadian trio/Quartet, had a great dancefloor jam with Dr Sex. It will be one of your all time fav's..

Pleasure and the Beast - Dr Sex 12" - 1984 Canada

& last..

I have this lil ole 7" from Germany, filled with aggression, electronics and a scratchy guitar.

The New Age - 2525/Electric Girl 7" - 1980 - Germany

Get them all here:


Hope you like

Clap Clap


GW2m said...

is there a password for this zip file?

Anonymous said...

To gw2m: no password.

To Fantasmi: I have 20 great minimal synth/DIY tracks that I have no artist name nor title of. They are from the "Favorite Sound Miniatures" and the "Halb Tanz Halb Schlaf" series. Would you mind making this link public and ask if people can make out the titles and names? I am sure you yourself will know some of them. Here is the link:

anthony said...

Hi, excellent site, thanks for sharing all the great music. Can you please repost this post, the 12 inch links aren't working and the 7 inch links also,
Thanks a lot
Anthony from Australia

Fantasmi said...

No password is needed, and if you are having trouble DL'ing.. try and try again. Me and several people I know are having no problems DL'ing...

Good Luck

GW2m said...

ok, thanks... managed to open it with WinRar in the end (wouldn't work with WinZip)... great tracks!!

MeltedRubberSoul said...

Pleasure and the Beast: The soundtrack for the cult sci-fi flick that never was.

Thankyou once again, this blog is amazing.

Anonymous said...

this looks to be tasty, thanx!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Plastisch said...

A great blog with a lot of unknown stuff but two of your links doesn´t work:71012 and this one.I´ve tried to zip them but no chance.I also use a rar programm.Would you repost them.
Thanks a lot.

Fantasmi said...

Hi Plastisch.
Are you using a PC?
I use a MAC, and PC users have problems downloading.
Keep on trying, that usually works.
Thanks for the kind words, and good luck!

BTW.. you look AWESOME for 40 what is your secret? (sarcastic)

be well..