Monday, September 1, 2008

Easy Going

Easy Going were an Italian disco group named after a famous club in Rome. Their first hit, "Baby I Love You" (1978), was produced by Giancarlo Meo and arranged by Claudio Simonetti, both of whom went on to become major names in the Hi-NRG and Italo Disco scene.

These are some smooth spacey, Italo Disco jams, that is sure to please your need for sleeze..

Come snatch these Italo nuggets here...

Easy Going - Easy Going Lp -1978 - Italy

WHOA.. Get that here:



Easy Going - Fear Lp -1979 - Italy

Get that here:


& last..

Easy Going - Fear 12" - 1980 - Italy

Get that here:


Hope you like

Clap Clap


Anonymous said...

Craig A here! Thank you, a little Claudio Simonetti goes a long way!

How are things P?

Thanks again for such an amazing blog!

tim said...

very cool, much appreciated....

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! thanx for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

My Lacie external hardrive died - i lost so much music it scares me! Time to rebuild the collection. Thanks for your help with this one and all the hardwork in general on this great blog man!

Anonymous said...

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