Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 x 7" & A Twelve

Come and get it!!

I was sneezing hard rummaging through moldy, dusty, delicious vinyl.

I have these 4 obscurities for you to enjoy.

You all seem to eat up anything 7" & 12".

So I'm here to feed your needs...

Starting with:

EMAK - Sunken Galleons And Pirate Pictures 7" - 1986 - Germany

EMAK is an abbreviation of "Elektronische Musik aus Köln". Amazing early electro and Jitter wave..


Ki Di Mi - Mother is 7" - 1981 - USA

Its like listening to a kooky SoHo socialite on crack using Alan Vega's studio..
Its that good!!


Pascal Comelade - Ready-Made 7" - 1980 - France

Here is the ULTRA rare French Gem that has the early signs of IDM.. I think my 7" is a bootleg, cause it not numbered nor signed... Damn.. Still a rare bizzarre masterpiece.

& last..

Profil - Berühren 12" - 1981 - Germany

Here is some Nervo Synth Wave that may border on brilliance or just bad.. I like, you probably will too..

Get them all here:


Your gonna like

Clap Clap


Anonymous said...

this file wont extract/unpack istelf using mac..it appears to be a videofile(?).

Fantasmi said...

try & try again...

substrom said...

much thanks, loved the 'mother is' track by Ki Di Mi.
do you have any more by them?

i also had trouble with the file but renaming it to a .zip file, i was able to extract.

thanks for your efforts on your great blog...ive been introduced to so much great music i probably would not have heard otherwise.
thanks ~_~

jay said...

The female singer of Ki Di Mi sounds just like one of the members of Inflatable Boy Clams. I suspect it's the same person. Anyone know?

Fantasmi said...

Very good..

yes it is Jojo Planteen of Inflatable Boy Clams and Ki Di Me.


Sometime I think too much metadata get boring..

check her out here..


Good going Jay.

Anonymous said...

still unable to extract the file, i renamed it to .zip but it seems to be broken. whata pity. :(

MeltedRubberSoul said...

Played "mother is" on a constant loop at the mom-n-pop store where I work. I lost my sanity, two customers lost their tempers, and the store probably lost a couple hundred dollars worth of business.

And the singer from the Inflatable Boy Clams?!? You don't say. Pink Section is pretty cool too....you should checkem out at Mutant Sounds, if you haven't already, for more Jojo goodness.

Thanks Fantasmi!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is not a usable file type. Thanks anyway, and for everything else though.