Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rhoda Vs Vivien

Rhoda Dakar and Vivien Goldman...

Two very infectious ladies who put out two of the wacky yet intelligent singles ever!

Here are two more 7" for your collection, these songs will never leave your brain..

Rhoda Dakar was a influential voice of the early Ska scene. A member of the legendary all girl Ska group The Bodysnatchers, and a integral part of The Special A.K.A.

Vivien Goldman was a music journalist, and she started to record when "PiL snuck her into the Manor (studios)" during the Flowers Of Romance sessions in late 1980, with PiL also reportedly paying for most of the recording costs. It seems this is how Lydon earned his co-producer credit.

Rhoda Dakar With Special A.K.A. - The Boiler 7" - 1982 - UK

The most charming Ska song about rape. Any song that includes the running of mascara, and stinking like piss is a MUST.


Vivien Goldman - Dirty Washing 7" - 1981 - UK

This dubtacular sweet track will resonate in your head EVERYTIME you do the laundry.

Get them both here:


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Anonymous said...

i like that you share all this nice music. thnx :)

Wayno said...

Thanks for this, I love the Viv Goldman EP. The Boiler single wasn't included in the file though, was this posted separately? Thanks again.

Fantasmi said...

Hi Wayno

Try DL'ing again.. Its there..

good luck

MeltedRubberSoul said...

Oh my god....this is amazing. Thank you.