Monday, May 12, 2008


Somnambulist: an abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts (as walking) are performed... Sleepwalking!

No sleepwalking here.. Just some real early forms of electro, with that out of key male vocal we all seem to love.

This was a cassette only release by a dude from the UK Marc Burghgraeve.
Not too much info on this one.

So I am a little pissed!

This "distributor" in Canada where I WAS getting some of these gems that I have been posting seems to be quite bogus. After doing the research that I love to do on all these bands, it seems that it all comes from a couple of sources here on

So this so called "distributor" has been selling me rehashed music that I can probably find free if I had many years to troll these blogsites. AHHH I'm soo MAD!
I usually pride myself on being a "streetwise" person, and HATE to be suckered.
This person managed to swindle about $65.00 from me, not too much, but still!
I choose not to post his so called distributorship nor his name and paypal acct. I do believe what comes around goes around. Something I always seem to notice is you HAVE to be an asshole to succeed in business, I still refuse to believe this...

OK I feel better


If you want this electronic Coldwave gem step on over here...

Somnambulist - Withered Land Live Cassette - 1983 - Belgium

This cost me 10 bux
FREE for you..

Get it here:



Clap Clap

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a.y. said...

Nice one, thanks!!! Where would I ever have found this otherwise??