Friday, May 9, 2008

Class Info

So check this out..

I got this from a friend way up north, from were this release originated from. It is a bootleg copy because the original goes for 4-$700.00 bux on e-bay!


I mean it's good...
And it is rare (500 copies)


Imagine this...

HE: "Oh this came in the mail for you"
ME: "that must be my e-bay purchase"
HE: "what did you get?"
ME "oh just this rare synthpop E.P. from Canada..Only 500 were made"
HE: "how much?"
ME: Just $500.00 dollars"

for $500.00 I can get:

And still enough for a taxi home

OR just this Item of PURE BEAUTY!!

But instead I'm giving you this Dusty Synth Nugget..

It's some sweet & charming synth pop that sounds like every male synth vocalist we had heard since the beginning of this electronic revolution.

Your gonna like it!

Class Info - Inside E.P. - 1984 - Canada
It's Rare Man!!

Get inside here:



Clap Clap


Valentine Michael Smith said...

This was very charming-- very much in line with the bloopy, synthy music that I love from your blog. ...luv the absinthe tea set, btw. get it!

egyptian kitty said...

wow! Dude you are hooking me up with some serious secret weapons to throw into my mixes.....absolutely priceless stuff here...thanks for taking the time to upload and share these jewels.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jay Willman (Class Info recording artist) ... just stopping in 2 say hi and hope you're still enjoying the 80s vibe ... my new band (only my second recording project since Class Info) is Karma180 .... ... TTY, Jay