Tuesday, May 6, 2008

STFU VOL. 8 / 7 Inches of Pleasure

Here we are.. Yet again, pushing my comps down your throats... This time i'll be pushing 7 inches of Pleasure, a unique array of leftfield A & B sides of strange one and two and maybe three off bands. A chockful of nuts this is with some avant wave/punk/synthpop/and a whole lot more. I am almost sure that none of these 7"ers are regrind, just some pure toxic Virgin Vinyl...yeah right!

So here you are:

Definite paradise- 123 Cocks and Lions 7"
Autobiography- AK47 Stop! Dance! 7"
New Industry- Basking Sharks Diamond Age 7"
Filmmusik - E & M aus KölnSunken Galleons And Pirate Pictures 7"
I Adore You + Message from J.J. - German Shepherds 7"
Red Line -Los Paranos 7" S
Comrad - Odessa Odessa 7"
Reflections - Secession Secession 7"
Donner Party - She's A-Wild 7"
Every time I call - Steve Herridge Daytime 7"
Verrueckte Weltgeschichte -Sütterlin Sütterlin 7"
Matchbox Car - The Scabs Rockrebel 7"
Just a game - UV pop 7"
Launderette - Vivien Goldman Launderette 7"
Angel - XNO Angel 7"
Don't turn me away -7 Rexy 7"
Envy - Modern Art Envy 7"
Living in a vacuum - Higher Primates Higher Primates 7"
High pressure days - Units High Pressure Days 7"
20h25 - C K C 20h25 7"

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erreur said...

awesome, thanks for introducing me to so many cool artists I've never heard before. Much appreciated.

K L I M P E R E I said...

Please notice, IWM4 by Klimperei,
on http://inpolysons.free.fr/
will be covers of Los Paranos tracks !!!!