Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chris Carter

No! not the Writer and Director of the X Files, and upcoming X Files movie in July..

The other..

The Chris of Chris & Cosey, and Throbbing Gristle. Definitely one of the Industrial music pioneers. After the demise of TG Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni-Tutti formed the Conspiracy International record label CTI (with backing from Rough Trade) and began working together as Chris & Cosey. During this period Chris Carter put out some solo releases that are verry underrated..

I had this one for a while, and totally forgot how well it suits this blog. It's a great mixture of intelligent audible industrial beats with "HINTS" of early Rave rhythms, great samples too. A moody adventure in drone and dance, it will creep you out then lift you up!..

Chris Carter - Mondo Beat LP - 1985 - UK

Get Mondo here:


Hope you like

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Anonymous said...

been loving your blog and am hunting down as many as I can. oddly, all your links are sending me to a casino now though?!

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honey bathtime said...

hello, thank you so much for sharing this record. I heard the track
"Moonlight" on community radio a few nights ago and have been searching for it since. Much appreciated! :)

hilton said...

The tracks from this album comes from "Collective One". the actual Mondo Beat album has only 6 tracks. Killer album though. Thank you.

hilton said...
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