Saturday, May 3, 2008

Second Layer

I wish I had a pic of the very sexy slick sounding group!!

Second Layer were an electronic, machine-based outlet for Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey, both being founding members of "The Sound". Second Layer has a great early synthy experimental yet wave-y sound. If you are a fan of Department S, you will love 2ND Layer, still with key elements reminiscent of The Sound..

Get the first 2 7" and the first Lp, which I feel are the best releases..

Second Layer - Flesh As Property E.P. 1979


Second Layer - State Of Emergency E.P. 1980

& last

Second Layer - World Of Rubber LP - 1981

Get them all here:


The Sound post coming soon

Hope you like

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illusion said...

excellent collection!
i love minimal wave and cold wave bands.
i'll put your link page in my page,ok?

Anonymous said...

hi - looking forward to this but the zip file requires a password? can you help?

thank you very much!