Sunday, May 4, 2008


Neva is a wicked force to be reckoned with. Like a mad dichotomy of Alien Sex Fiend & Klaus Nomi, melded in a psycho industrial shell that was nested by a higher synth being!

Every country needs their freaky goth dude, and Neva is king of the electro-batcave sound of France. His name is Jacquy Bitch, and well in his 50's is still releasing great Gothic nuggets!

Their sound of distortion, and the use of the Coldwave elements give Neva a permanent place on the electronic synth agenda.

All Hail the King!!

Neva - Fausse Conscience - 1989 - France

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Anonymous said...

unbelievable!!! we are two to know this (french) band. All their releases (i have a 7" vinyl: 'hallucination' b/w. 'frenezie' & a cassette, somewhere in my tons of tapes) were d.i.y. THANKS!!! J.LOUIS (france)